• So what’s different?

    These hawk photos are different. Or are they? What’s the difference between an average photo and a good one. Uncommon views often provide uncommon beauty. Waiting for better light (patience alert), viewing the subject from a different perspective (sore knee alert) or deciding how much of the scene to show (cropping alert) are just a… Continue Reading

  • Questions no one is asking …

    I have a lot of questions about many areas of life. If I was a Krahnpix reader, I would have some serious questions for the character behind the wild photos and odd musings. Here’s what this imaginary interview with myself might look like … First of all, what’s with all the attempts at humour? I just… Continue Reading

  • The people have spoken …

    In the spirit of Christmas, I am giving away votes. Quite a few people who visited my last blog post said they wanted more votes to help their decision-making process. I am happy to oblige. Today I have posted my 10 favourite landscape photos from blog posts this year. At the end of the post… Continue Reading

  • Did you photoshop that?

    I need a better answer. I often get asked by non-photographer friends if I photoshop my images. I should have a good answer after all the practise. My problem is I usually have no idea what people are really asking or if they even know. My current 12-minute, mind-numbing answer includes mentions of RAW vs… Continue Reading