The people have spoken …


At post time, this image is the most popular wildlife photo with 20% of the total votes. It is an extremely close race with all ten photos receiving votes. You can still vote or view the results here from my last post.

In the spirit of Christmas, I am giving away votes.

Quite a few people who visited my last blog post said they wanted more votes to help their decision-making process. I am happy to oblige.

Today I have posted my 10 favourite landscape photos from blog posts this year. At the end of the post is your opportunity to vote for as many photos as you like. Get your votes in now, I am all out of best photos for 2012.

What’s your favourite landscape photo?

1. Saskatchewan sunset
I had to quickly take this photo before the muskrat disappeared. That actually makes it a wildlife shot but it’s my quiz so I’ll let it go.

muskrat, water, sunset, Saskatchewan

2. Star power
The biggest star shows some flair and prompted a poem.


3. Irrepressible pull
Who knew the prairies could boast scenes like this?


4. These ladies turn heads
These three sisters put on quite a show as the sun went down.


5. Missing something
Sometimes the odd things about an image make it better, even if that’s not how you planned it.


6. The ocean begins
One of the last photos I took in Hawaii before succumbing to the painful price for beauty otherwise known as losing my teeth.

Standing in the same position as the photo above, I turned to the right to photograph these massive cliffs.

7. Moody Mountain
The image on my computer desktop prompted an interesting discussion on photoshop.


8. End of the line
A long drive and a short hike led to the Hawaiian beauty at the end of the line.


9. Eerie ambience
My first experience with a lava cave turned out to be a challenge of solitude.


10. Very wet falls
My frustration with photographing water falls met the flood waters at Numa.


Latest Comments

  1. Seenorwaynorway says:

    That first sunset must be ‘the mother of al sunsets’ 😀 Fantastic! And you haven’t even got a burnout in the suns center!
    Magnificent, Lyle!


    • lylekrahn says:

      We are blessed with a lot of wonderful sunsets on the prairies. I was driving my motorbike, saw this beautiful scene and stopped to take a photo and the best part was that it was with my little point and shoot camera.


  2. Inspired and pretty says:

    Won-der-ful photos ! They are all extremely beautiful !


  3. Scott Marshall says:

    You and Phil have inspired me all year long – here you have presented some great landscapes – my choice is ‘Missing Something’ as it seems well crafted with the vehicle adding that certain something – Thank you for your support of my imagery too all that remains is to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year – Scott


    • lylekrahn says:

      There’s very little praise higher than inspiring! Thanks so much. It’s pretty easy to enjoy your images when you post a seascape like I saw today!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Happy shooting in 2013!!


  4. thehappyhugger says:

    All your pictures are really amazing … number nine really draws one in.


  5. Rexlin Victor says:

    Beautiful collections!!!


  6. artsifrtsy says:

    Very nice set – I struggle with landscapes – these are sublime.


  7. mekala rodrigo says:

    These are some amazing pictures….


  8. msdulce says:

    These are incredible. Absolutely gorgeous, each and every one. Am I missing the point by voting for like, six out of the ten? :}


    • lylekrahn says:

      Glad you liked them – thanks for letting me know. The point of voting is to have a little fun with the photos so absolutely not. It’s always interesting to me which varying opinions that people have on photos – even in my house.


  9. Phil Lanoue says:

    Terrific images all! But I’m going with #9 the cave.


  10. Ad-libb3d says:

    Hard to pick my favs, but I tried. Great stuff, Lyle.


  11. westerner54 says:

    I showed great restraint and didn’t vote for each one. (And I realized I’d somehow missed your teeth adventure. Criminy!)


  12. Rejoice For The Day says:

    All beautiful, and a few I have never seen before.


  13. FeyGirl says:

    These are all so stunning… I agree, more than one vote may be necessary.


  14. Kyle Kuns says:

    Definitely a tough call …


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