• Honestly? It’s about me!

    Does the world really need another sandhill crane photo? I highly doubt it. An image search on Mr. Internet provides a mind-boggling wealth of sandhill crane photos. Most are pretty good and some are truly amazing. Whatever I can imagine is already there! And yet here I am offering up three more photos. Enquiring minds… Continue Reading

  • Oh for pete’s sake just say yes already!

    I like to think that I’m a thotful guy. If you ask me a tough question, I’ll often come up with an interesting perspective (at least to me) or I’ll admit if I don’t know. My problem is that I often get stumped by easy questions. When people look at one of my photos and… Continue Reading

  • My photography secret

    It occurred to me that I have never revealed my best advice for photography. I can sum it up well in just two words – marry well. I have heard many examples of spouses showing complete disregard for all things photography including an aversion to stopping for landscapes and wildlife. Thankfully that’s not my story.… Continue Reading

  • Shaky Assumptions 

    Here’s my theory. We constantly make stuff up based on shaky assumptions and thin evidence. It even happens in photography. Good images tell stories or that’s what I’ve been told. But I don’t think that’s the whole err … story I often look at photos and imagine stories around them. With just a thin slice… Continue Reading

  • Hope, sausage and making photos

    Hope, sausage and photos have a few things in common. You never know exactly how they are going to turn out and the process is a little messy and unpredictable. At least for me. Today I’d like to pull back the curtain and show how sausage … err one photo … came to be. It started with… Continue Reading

  • Sweating little stuff

    Remember how sages used to tell people not to sweat the small stuff? And then someone had the audacity to say it was all small stuff? They were wrong! I started out trying to photograph big, dramatic scenes – ideally with a bear in them. I can sometimes be my worst critic but too many… Continue Reading