• Singing Simplicity

    I have an uncomplicated relationship with singing (not that anyone ever asked). I do it when no one’s around. It’s a simple rule that I find easy to follow. I don’t need a second opinion about my singing ability or any of the other performing arts for that matter. Something tells me I have a… Continue Reading

  • Salty sheep?

    Some animals only come out at night. Some are camouflaged so well you don’t see them. Some never show themselves to humans. And then there are Rocky Mountain Sheep that often park themselves in the middle of the road and lick up the salt. They’re a little harder to miss. I’m all for co-operative wildlife,… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife photography made easy

    Professional wildlife photographers can make their craft seem far too complicated. They study animal behaviour, deck themselves out in camouflage and spend days or weeks bored in the bush. If only they would discover the art of choreography, it would make their lives so much easier. With just a few secret tricks, suddenly wildlife photography is… Continue Reading

  • Living on the edge

    Aren’t the young ones supposed to be the irresponsible ones? I carefully watched a young Rocky Mountain Sheep nibbling on grass at the edge of a cliff. I’ve noticed that young ones often have extra energy to explore higher up rocky cliffs and I hoped it would happen on my watch. Suddenly the young one… Continue Reading

  • Bighorn sheep in a zone

    Some animals are known to be industrious – beavers and ants come quickly to mind. I suppose it’s because they always seem to be moving with a purpose. That was definitely not the case with the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep we saw on our recent holiday. The behaviour I observed was the same as any… Continue Reading