Living on the edge

Aren’t the young ones supposed to be the irresponsible ones?

I carefully watched a young Rocky Mountain Sheep nibbling on grass at the edge of a cliff. I’ve noticed that young ones often have extra energy to explore higher up rocky cliffs and I hoped it would happen on my watch.

Suddenly the young one effortlessly darted up the cliff, casually throwing off the usually reliable pull of gravity.

After achieving some height, it looked over a nearby edge. I thought for a second I would get an amazing mid-air shot, though I cringed at the possible result.

After a quick glance, it carefully started to retrace its steps back to the herd.

Such responsibility demonstrated by a youngster! Human parents around the world can only dream about maturity like this at a young age.

Exceptional parenting must have yielded this remarkable result. While the young one was working its way down, I looked with newfound admiration at the herd. My admiration quickly melted as I noticed the parents and older relatives were busy blocking traffic and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Maybe some good traits aren’t hereditary.

Latest Comments

  1. photographybycalliec says:

    Hang on and dont slip, how amazing, great post and images, I have never seen anything like this before.
    Cheers Callie


  2. Gabriel | 加百利 says:

    love this images ! great post, thanks for sharing .


  3. anorwen says:

    These animals are so incredible. They definitely make even the better of the human rock climbers look kind of clumsy.


  4. patriciaddrury says:

    Reblogged this on patriciaddrury and commented:
    Living on the edge by lylekrahn 😉


  5. rebecca2000 says:

    The poor RMS baby shows such caution because mom and dad are on a bender. You see, he has had to fend for himself so he knows better than most how to navigate this crazy world. I think we should turn his parents into CPS.


    Lady or Not…Here I Come


  6. vanbraman says:

    Slip sliding away. It is amazing that they can stand at an angle like they do.


  7. Mike Powell says:

    Wonderful shots. I hope that you were on more solid ground yourself when you shot this. You seem to like to chase adventure yourself, though perhaps not with quite the same sense of impetuousness as the young sheep.


  8. Stephen G. Hipperson says:

    I really like the dynamic set off by the diagonal lines of the rocks.
    If this young sheep has any sense it will slide down the rock and get itself an automatic pedicure! 😉


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