• Snow changes my view

    It is entirely possible I may be the last prairie photographer to the party, but I may have discovered beauty in round bales. I used to think these bales were, how do I say this politely, functional. After all, farmers have long used them as part of an efficient straw or hay handling system. While… Continue Reading

  • Hawk trickery

    I remember going to friends’ houses when I was a kid. One of the side benefits was getting an inside look at how other families functioned. I felt a little like that last Friday evening with hawks. Technically, I may not have been invited to that large hay field with round bales scattered in every… Continue Reading

  • Hawks, round bales and moxie

    A funny thing happened on my way to find a hawk this past week. My journey started with a hospitalized father-in-law that triggered an unsettling time. My recipe for restoring equilibrium involved heading to the country in search of photogenic hawks. Why hawks? I need a bird with moxie, preferably a predator, to get me… Continue Reading