• Sooo hot!

    Imagine you step outside and the blistering heat takes your breath away, seeps into your pores and feels like its sizzling your inner core. You try to find relief but heat has you surrounded and there’s no place to hide. Then imagine a cloud appears and gently releases large flakes of fluffy snow. They slowly… Continue Reading

  • Oh for pete’s sake just say yes already!

    I like to think that I’m a thotful guy. If you ask me a tough question, I’ll often come up with an interesting perspective (at least to me) or I’ll admit if I don’t know. My problem is that I often get stumped by easy questions. When people look at one of my photos and… Continue Reading

  • No spring here!

    The way some people describe winter on the Canadian prairies, you’d think it was like looking out of an igloo desperately waiting for spring. I hear complaining all the time. It’s too cold! I have to shovel too much snow! We only get four months of bad snowmobiling weather! People fly away to tropical locations… Continue Reading

  • Mysterious animal tracks

    Animal tracks are mysteries – pieces of an intriguing puzzle just waiting to be solved. If you know what you’re looking for, animal tracks can provide all sorts of wonderful clues to help recreate the story of what happened. The serious flaw in my animal track mysteries is that they have some missing parts. Lots… Continue Reading

  • I have a good case!

    I can’t remember another winter when I got stuck twice with my truck and fell through the ice while hiking. While these events all happened on photography outings, they didn’t help me get a single photo. I could argue that these strange incidents really weren’t my fault. It would be a spirited performance. A strong… Continue Reading

  • A different wildlife experience

    An easy wildlife experience? That’s definitely the goal. Sometimes it happens but there’s often a wrinkle so it turns out different than I expect. I was bemused by a comment from fellow blogger 23thorns who was teasing me this week. He said: “It’s tempting to think your photography must be easy in winter, what with… Continue Reading