• No change for the better here!

    “It is the nature of a man as he grows older to protest against change, particularly change for the better.” John Steinbeck, novelist. That quote always makes me chuckle. I could never understand the pure craziness of preferring a worse option rather than changing. Then I had a scary thot – it might be happening… Continue Reading

  • Frosty distractions

    Sometimes a distraction becomes the main event. Here I was driving down a beautiful country road on a mission to find wildlife. The sun was shining and a fresh blanket of snow covered everything. It looked promising when I spotted a coyote and some deer quickly running away. I kept driving and hoping for an… Continue Reading

  • Snow changes my view

    It is entirely possible I may be the last prairie photographer to the party, but I may have discovered beauty in round bales. I used to think these bales were, how do I say this politely, functional. After all, farmers have long used them as part of an efficient straw or hay handling system. While… Continue Reading

  • Walk with personality

    I think people’s movements can reflect their personality. For example, have you ever seen high-strung people just saunter around? This got me wondering if my theory holds true in the wild? Last week I was driving aimlessly hoping to cross paths with a beautiful buck. I secretly wonder sometimes if I miss wildlife because I’m lost… Continue Reading

  • Eagle eyes

    “C’mon open your eyes!” murmured the young wildlife photographer who had just arrived at the scene. The words hit me like a bucket of ice water. The eagle had its eyes shut? My attention had obviously been focused elsewhere that early June day. Fifteen minutes earlier I had been trying to figure out where a… Continue Reading

  • Bear buffet

    Free food is always in demand my boss declared more than two decades ago. It seemed to make sense. In early June of this year, I started to wonder if it was true. We had discovered a number of bears eating dandelions in the Rockies though I didn’t think it was helpful for their image.… Continue Reading