• Waiting for Krahnpix

    Being an introvert snowy owl is nice but it can get lonely. Day and night I’m out in the winter cold all by myself. We snowy owls tend not to hang out with each other for reasons that escape me now. But we’ve always done it this way so there’s no reason to change. Despite what… Continue Reading

  • My best wildlife photos in 2015

    All my favourite birds and animals from blogging in 2015 have gathered together for one reason – to get your vote! I’d say they all cleaned up pretty good for the photos! Which one do you like the best? Can’t decide? Vote as many times as you wish but make sure to vote on the… Continue Reading

  • Sentinels on duty

    It’s a common sight. A hawk stands motionless on a post, piercing eyes scanning the territory like a sentinel on duty. Clearly there are dangers lurking on the prairies that we know not of. I am thankful for the protection. As summer gives way to winter, sentinels perform a changing of the guard without pomp… Continue Reading

  • Sweating little stuff

    Remember how sages used to tell people not to sweat the small stuff? And then someone had the audacity to say it was all small stuff? They were wrong! I started out trying to photograph big, dramatic scenes – ideally with a bear in them. I can sometimes be my worst critic but too many… Continue Reading

  • Polite Canadians a myth?

    Canadians may have a reputation for being polite but I always thot that included a good dose of mythology. I have noticed some not-so-polite things done by Canadians. Two stories caught my attention that might shed light on the subject. A while back there was a short public debate on whether our national symbol should… Continue Reading

  • My Permanent Prairie Psafari

    Could it be that a safari isn’t just an adventure but a state of being? I like to think of a safari as driving around in a sweetly decked out four-wheel drive with ridiculously expensive camera gear peering out of port holes like automatic rifles. Every few minutes the vehicle stops to the sound of shutters firing as an exotic African predator takes… Continue Reading