• maybe you can help?

    Photographing wildlife can sometimes lead me to mysteries that that even Mr. Google can’t answer. After wrestling with these deep questions, I have come to the conclusion I need specialized help in solving them. I have decided that as a reader of this blog, you are eminently qualified. So here goes … Does this pronghorn antelope look better with… Continue Reading

  • April Fools … on me?

    I have been plotting an April Fools post for some time – a devious plan to use my wit to snare people in some cleverly disguised trap. It wasn’t meant to be. Instead, I find myself explaining how I ended up the butt end of my own joke. A few blog posts ago I proudly declared that I… Continue Reading

  • Snowy owl school

    Sometimes life is like … trying to photograph snowy owls. I’d like to share four and a half important life lessons I learned along the way. They may just hold the keys to success in any endeavor. 1. Make a good plan to guarantee success … The first few steps in most any plan are… Continue Reading