• Wildlife Olympics Spawn Controversy

    The Wildlife Olympics have received little media attention given the unfortunate timing of the Summer Olympics. For the beleaguered wildlife representatives from western Canada, that’s probably just as well. The group started out with such promise, particularly in the synchronized swimming event. However, if the waterfowl team wins a medal, it will be without their… Continue Reading

  • Nod to Monday

    Perhaps you’re the kind of person who jumps out of bed in the morning, ready to take on the week. You own that part of the day. Life is good and your mind jumps to the next opportunities. For some of you, Monday morning starts with a jarring alarm, repeatedly echoing through deep fog. You… Continue Reading

  • Rethinking the turtle cliché

    You may have a lot more in common with turtles than you think! Before going to Hawaii, if you said turtle, I was thinking ‘slow as.’ I will admit there is some truth to the cliché. And turtles don’t help their public image by sleeping soundly for prolonged periods on public beaches of all places.… Continue Reading

  • Oblivious

    What was my favourite part of a two-week vacation on the Big Island in Hawaii? Sea turtles! This wasn’t a holiday focused on photography but of course I had my camera along and wondered if we would encounter any wildlife. A local photographer told us to head to A-Beach (shortened dramatically to assist with an… Continue Reading