• Elk attitude

    You’ll have to trust me. I really didn’t go looking for it. I was minding my own business, driving down a snowy road looking for signs of wildlife. Out of nowhere an elk would appear. Before I could focus my camera, it would show me a little attitude. I simply took the photos and wrote… Continue Reading

  • A battle of wills

    Since I can be competitive, I am choosing to believe that being out waited is quite different than being out smarted. It all stemmed from an encounter with an osprey which is supposed to have far less than IQ than I. The scene was a glorious place I had visited before. Years ago, we had… Continue Reading

  • Shadowy underworld of Saskatchewan

    This place may not be what it seems. Our province’s past is filled with colourful characters like Gabriel Dumont, a Metis military leader. I was always surprised he was able to move in and out of Batoche for days without getting caught after the Metis were defeated by the Canadian military in 1885. Despite the… Continue Reading

  • Roller coaster of wildlife photography

    Photography used to be a lot simpler. I’d remember to take pictures, or not. They would turn out, or not. Either way there was minimal investment of energy … or joy for that matter. Somewhere along the way I started to care a lot more. I should have known this would turn into an emotional… Continue Reading

  • Resting roadside

    It’s late afternoon I’m feeling tired There’s nice shade a few inches from a less travelled road The dirt feels soft as I settle in Mom is grazing on the other side of the bush It’s nice that I don’t need to be so close to her anymore I’m driving down a back road –… Continue Reading

  • Something wrong with this picture

    I always expected photographing wildlife would be difficult – it’s just part of my naturally optimistic nature. After a few years of chasing wild creatures, I now expect to: Wander aimlessly for hours and find nothing Catch glimpses of animal butts bounding away at the first sight of me Get blurry photos after someone forgot… Continue Reading