Resting roadside

It’s late afternoon
I’m feeling tired
There’s nice shade a few inches from a less travelled road
The dirt feels soft as I settle in
Mom is grazing on the other side of the bush
It’s nice that I don’t need to be so close to her anymore

I’m driving down a back road – I drive alone
My truck moves slowly while I carefully watch
Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what I’m looking for
It could be a movement, a dark spot, some unusual pattern
In this case, something looked odd at the side of the road

I slow down and stare.
It’s a deer and that makes it decision time.
I want to get closer to get a good shot but not too close to scare it off.
I guess and turn the truck to get a clear shot out of the driver’s window.

Here I am just getting comfy when that noisy black thing keeps moving closer.
My huge ears are all ears.
The thing stops and there is some movement.
It appears it’s not going away.
Better get back to mom.

In three easy steps the deer vanishes from my lens into the bush.
Thanks little guy I murmur.
Sorry to disturb your peaceful rest.


Driving back home down the same road before the snow came, I encounter the little deer and its mom a little further off the road. I tell that story and get Freshly Pressed.

Latest Comments

  1. doraiswaamy ganesh says:

    Beautiful shot and a lovely write up.An old man enjoying what is left of nature in the late evening of life.Thank you dear friend for the pleasure.Ganesh.


  2. Ian Beattie says:

    Great shot.


  3. artsifrtsy says:

    I love this shot – the narrative is really nice as well. Kudos!


  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    I truly enjoyed this approach, very well done Lyle!


  5. Ad-libb3d says:

    Oh, and I forgot…CONGRATS on the FP!


  6. Ad-libb3d says:

    I love the creative approach, Lyle. What a neat perspective.


  7. rachel bar says:

    Isn’t it nice to be a deer for a moment?


  8. FeyGirl says:

    What a sweetheart, and a lovely capture and portrait of this beautiful creature. Love the story… Amazing camouflage, eh?


    • lylekrahn says:

      I felt a bit silly writing that I didn’t recognize what was beside the road but you’re right, from any sort of distance it blends in very well. Thanks for the nice comments.


  9. Pani Peonia says:

    I love the picture, I love the story. Thanks!


  10. Ewa says:

    Great story and even more beautiful photo! It’s a pity you couldn’t take more 🙂


  11. vanbraman says:

    Beautiful picture and an interesting way to tell the story. The risk was worth it :-).


  12. Kodiak My Little Grizzly says:

    Love the photo with the story!


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