• Icicles

    I remember the last time I was tempted. It must have been spring since there were icicles hanging around the garage in the back yard. That made it a fun place to play as a boy. There was also a frozen metal pipe. Despite being young, I had enough first-hand experience to understand the danger.… Continue Reading

  • Do you care?

    I participated in a miracle. The scene was a beautiful, calm winter day in northern Saskatchewan. The sky was muted with heavy cloud cover that looked like it could release snow at any moment. We had the snow-packed gravel road to ourselves. Despite knowing better, I was there in the middle of the day – a less… Continue Reading

  • The art of deleting

    The snow is getting deeper and squeezing its way into my boots. I am seriously regretting leaving my ski pants in the truck but thankful my wife wore hers. She kindly makes a partial path in the snow. I’m concentrating on aligning my steps with her tracks while carefully scanning the forest around us. Neither… Continue Reading

  • Laughing at us!

    Human activity must give deer a good laugh now and then, but especially in the winter. The deer are busy trying to survive in the snow – looking for food and a safe place to rest while keeping a constant lookout for predators, including humans. Meanwhile, all around them, humans are demonstrating all sorts of… Continue Reading

  • No spring here!

    The way some people describe winter on the Canadian prairies, you’d think it was like looking out of an igloo desperately waiting for spring. I hear complaining all the time. It’s too cold! I have to shovel too much snow! We only get four months of bad snowmobiling weather! People fly away to tropical locations… Continue Reading

  • Mysterious animal tracks

    Animal tracks are mysteries – pieces of an intriguing puzzle just waiting to be solved. If you know what you’re looking for, animal tracks can provide all sorts of wonderful clues to help recreate the story of what happened. The serious flaw in my animal track mysteries is that they have some missing parts. Lots… Continue Reading