• I have a good case!

    I can’t remember another winter when I got stuck twice with my truck and fell through the ice while hiking. While these events all happened on photography outings, they didn’t help me get a single photo. I could argue that these strange incidents really weren’t my fault. It would be a spirited performance. A strong… Continue Reading

  • Elk attitude

    You’ll have to trust me. I really didn’t go looking for it. I was minding my own business, driving down a snowy road looking for signs of wildlife. Out of nowhere an elk would appear. Before I could focus my camera, it would show me a little attitude. I simply took the photos and wrote… Continue Reading

  • Curing owl envy

    Have you ever had owl envy? It feels like something is just not right. Over the last few months I have been like a kid desperately wanting that special toy for Christmas. The seed was planted last winter when I took my first photo of a snowy owl. That really whet my appetite! With no… Continue Reading

  • A different wildlife experience

    An easy wildlife experience? That’s definitely the goal. Sometimes it happens but there’s often a wrinkle so it turns out different than I expect. I was bemused by a comment from fellow blogger 23thorns who was teasing me this week. He said: “It’s tempting to think your photography must be easy in winter, what with… Continue Reading

  • It’s a deer’s life

    On a beautiful, sunny day, I was invited to hang out with an extended deer family. I enjoyed their company. I thot I might have the chance to record some behaviour that would be similar to humans – that would make a good post. I looked hard for it but couldn’t find any examples that… Continue Reading

  • Finally a hat trick!

    Strange things happen when I watch too much hockey – it starts to get all mixed up with my photography. I suspect it’s a uniquely Canadian problem. During a prairie winter, wildlife can be scarce. On a cold, windy February day, most creatures from around here are hunkered down hoping for faster global warming to… Continue Reading