• What do you mean too close?

    For a wildlife photographer, getting closer is a big deal. I learned that after taking a lot of photos where big animals turned into tiny, fuzzy blotches. It was kind of embarrassing to explain that my prize photo really had a bear in it and that the dark spot was most definitely not a mound of dirt! Addressing that… Continue Reading

  • Fearing the double b …

    I want every one of my blog posts to have photos and writing that is intriguing, humourous, thotful or something! I like to think I have a thick skin so I welcome honest disagreement or constructive criticism. What I can’t live with is being boring (the dreaded double b)! There I said it. It turns… Continue Reading

  • Icicles

    I remember the last time I was tempted. It must have been spring since there were icicles hanging around the garage in the back yard. That made it a fun place to play as a boy. There was also a frozen metal pipe. Despite being young, I had enough first-hand experience to understand the danger.… Continue Reading

  • Happy endings?

    Fire seems like such a cruel end to a forest – turning beauty into charred remains. We got closer to fires than we’d planned when we visited Yellowstone for the first time in 1988. We knew there were forest fires before we left, but didn’t fully appreciate where it was all headed. We were not… Continue Reading

  • Leave already!

    Think about the most annoying person you know … yes that person. Then imagine that individual showing up just when you were about to eat a particularly nice meal. I think that’s what may have happened to a fox I was watching in Yellowstone. The fox was minding its own business. This largely consisted of… Continue Reading

  • Thrills

    Where do you get your thrills? Some people may get if from climbing Mount Everest, closing a business deal, dangling from a bungee cord or running for political office. Not me. Those examples are no match to the thrill of watching and photographing magic moments with wildlife. Back in May, on a desolate road in… Continue Reading