• The King

    Make no mistake, not everyone is equal in this revered place. There is a hierarchy in Yellowstone that is permanently established in the park code. All the animals, from the smallest to the largest, live by it and all the humans, from the tourists to the park rangers, carefully respect it. That’s why the atmosphere… Continue Reading

  • Stranger than fiction

    Did you ever notice that truth sometimes seems so bizarre, it would never pass for credible fiction? Watching and learning about bison calves had that effect on me. Here’s six observations: 1. We drove the roads of Yellowstone a number of days and couldn’t help but notice bison. One day we came upon a newborn… Continue Reading

  • Delayed lunch

    There are times when I’m drinking up the atmosphere in an idyllic, peaceful setting while casually observing and photographing wildlife. This was not one of those times. My mind was anticipating lunch at the Mammoth Springs Hotel as we headed down a well-travelled road in Yellowstone. I have a love of food that has been… Continue Reading

  • Great day gets better

    The great days just get better … and the other ones we’ll save for another post. That’s why it would have to be a dream day for wildlife photography when I had the bonus of seeing a coyote up close … real close. I like the photo at the right which I took around home… Continue Reading

  • Hunting for landscapes?

    Can you hunt for landscapes? Is it a good idea? I hope so since I think that’s what I do. I have observed and read about real landscape photographers. They generally have one thing I don’t – a serious plan that often involves a number on an alarm clock that is far too small. I… Continue Reading

  • Another world

    There are two worlds in Yellowstone during May. Some people choose to miss out on the best. In the north, it’s dry, dusty and tick friendly (it turns out I’m not fond of all wildlife). Counter intuitively, in the south it’s still a winter wonderland with snow-closed roads. These worlds can be less then a… Continue Reading