The inaugural Butt Collection

The competition is fierce, with many potential contestants attempting to sneak into the butt collection on Krahnpix! Who knew there were so many fine-looking posteriors in the animal kingdom?

After much searching, culling and assessing, I present you the first, of what I will expect to be many, butt collections. Or perhaps I should say – these butts are for you!

First up on the Krahnpix butt wall of fame is the rare, but appealing, two-butt shot. Just another reminder that smaller is definitely cuter._MG_8074 (1)

If you’re looking for something in a darker shade, how about a little black bear butt (say it a couple of times – it rolls off the lips beautifully)._T6C1034

In some circles it’s bad manners to keep your nose in the air. There’s no issue with this modest muskrat as she keeps her butt consistently higher than her nose. I think it’s a virtue. _T6C3699

It took a lot of tries but I finally got a photo of a hawk with only its hind quarters showing. I’m quite proud of this butt shot!DT6C3472

No collection is complete without a hairy grizzly butt. I had to wait until its head was in the shadows so as not to distract from the important part. _T6C5578

A young moose shows me his other side which features long legs and just the right butt curve (I looked it up!). _T6C9958

Backlit feathers give this landing hawk a little flair with a special view from behind. I might even argue it’s a better perspective than the front. DT6C2082

Running in grain that is higher you presents an interesting challenge. This little guy would almost disappear between jumps. Here he is, butt in the air, heading back down again.DT6C3017

At first I was disappointed the only reasonable shot of this buck was from behind. But then I saw all four hooves in the air, the ears pointed back, the squeezed butt cheeks, and I immediately saved a spot in the collection.DT6C3720

Of course there’s a rule about ending posts with sunsets, preferably with hawks flying off in the distance. The colour that evening seemed surreal. _T6C8450So did any of those butts catch your fancy?

Latest Comments

  1. Henry G L says:

    enjoyed the subject, what i brilliant take on 🙂


  2. artsifrtsy says:

    Awesome collection – I am thinking of starting a “birds pooping collection” I have thousands to share with the world.


  3. doraiswamyganesh says:

    I liked the Buck butt the best of all !Regards, Ganesh.


  4. gingeralicia88 says:

    The little black bear is my favourite. Oh how I love black bears! A shame they’ll be hibernating when I get over to Canada this Christmas…


  5. caleephotography says:

    LOL 😀 Great post, Lyle! All shots are nice, but the buck butt shot is my favourite! Although, from a butt-only perspective, my favourite is bears. 🙂


  6. babsje says:

    Great post!!

    Congrats on your Blog of the Year award nomination! Learn more, click here:
    Best, Babsje


  7. Swati Singh says:

    Fantastic shots of the wildlife, Lyle!
    Great post….


  8. mikemcmurray says:

    I thought the best one was the deer in motion, personally.


  9. adinparadise says:

    What a nice butt gallery. Mine were all feathery ones, and yours are covered in fur. 🙂 I love the on of the buck in the grain field.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      Glad you liked my mostly furry butts. That buck was running at quite the speed and it was pretty dark so I was a little surprised the photo survived. Believe it or not I was actually thinking about the butt shot gallery at the time.


  10. Mike Powell says:

    We all have them–it’s nice to see them celebrated. Of course, I am referring to butt shots, and not to butts, though the statement probably applies equally well in either case. I’m a fan of the modest muskrat–I love that shot (and your commentary). As a lover of languages, I couldn’t help but laugh at your possibly inadvertent pun in the second paragraph, where you spoke of “culling the images.” Are you aware that the French word “cul” is the rough equivalent of “butt” as you use it in this posting?


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      I was so disappointed when that muskrat took off across the snow and never looked back. Still I liked the photo and kept it until the right time when I could use it. Glad someone else likes it too.

      You correctly guessed that I was unaware of the pun. But it’s great to know since I now like that paragraph better. Thanks for that.


  11. frankbrehe says:

    Eine sehr schöne Idee!


  12. vanbraman says:

    If I came upon a black bear expectantly, I would hope that it would be the view of it going the other way :-). I also really like the picture.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      And here I am trying to get the photo of the bear coming toward me! It is a bit of an unusual photo and I never did see the bear’s head since it disappeared shortly after I took the photo.


  13. dapontephotography says:

    Nothin like some tack sharp butts 🙂


  14. mimar9 says:

    Shared butt not exhibited!


  15. idiotphotographer says:

    Gotta say moose butt was the most elegant presentation, and grizzly left the most to be desired. If pressed and I had to pick one it would be the buck. Good job all around, and looking forward to part two.


  16. Inspired and pretty says:

    I had a good laugh 🙂 All your photos are great, my favorite is the hawk, superb !


  17. Coloured-Windows by katleenj says:

    thanks, sitting on my …. I had a wonderful time looking at all kinds of ….. and reading your lovely comments by the pictures! lovely post!


  18. Tuxedo Sophisticated Cat says:

    Wonderful collection. 🙂


  19. Phil Lanoue says:

    Normally over in the marsh we have a strict No Butt Shots policy in effect at all times. Butt… After viewing this very excellent array of BS (butt shot) images I may indeed have to look into revising that policy. And that sure is a curvy moose!


  20. Gunta says:

    Loved them one ‘n all…..


  21. Hanna says:

    They all did. Awesome pictures, Lyle.


  22. Honie Briggs says:

    I like how the light outlines the trailing edge of the hawk butt, uh, wings.


  23. northerndesert says:

    I am partial to the muskrats posterior. Great post. 🙂


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