• Cute? Oh ya! Cuddly? Maybe not.

    This blog is all about cute photos. I think it’s my daughter’s influence. Whenever I ask whether she likes one of my photos, she understands the question. It’s not one of those biased “do you like my new hair style” queries with only one acceptable answer. I may be a bit odd that way but I… Continue Reading

  • Time to change the calendar

    “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein Krahnpix is committed to changing the stodgy old calendar as a public service to the world. Of course everyone intuitively understands our current calendars are seriously flawed. What’s with leap years, random number of days in a month and… Continue Reading

  • Masters of disguise

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the ability just to disappear so people didn’t notice you were there?  I can think of a few boring receptions where I would have loved the opportunity! Perhaps that’s why I secretly admire the camouflage of wild creatures. Of course, camouflage is also the bane of my wildlife photography. I wanted… Continue Reading

  • How do you like your bears?

    Whenever I bring up the subject of bears, the reactions are all over the map. When I talked to tourists in Banff National Park last week they just wanted to know where to find them. A sighting immediately created a buzz. A helpful person who worked at a park information centre kept a personal bear count… Continue Reading

  • It’s not about the bears … really!

    I’m convinced I would have come up with some great quotes by now but it turns out all the good ones have already been recorded and well used. For example take H. L. Mencken’s jewel, “When somebody says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.” How many times have you heard someone say it’s… Continue Reading

  • endangered species?

    The odds of you reading this sentence are slim. The odds of you reading to the end of this post are incredibly small. Why? It seems like actual readers on the Internet are becoming an endangered species – unlike the bears in Banff National Park. People may read headlines and quickly scan – they might even take a… Continue Reading