• maybe you can help?

    Photographing wildlife can sometimes lead me to mysteries that that even Mr. Google can’t answer. After wrestling with these deep questions, I have come to the conclusion I need specialized help in solving them. I have decided that as a reader of this blog, you are eminently qualified. So here goes … Does this pronghorn antelope look better with… Continue Reading

  • Happy place

    Do you have a happy place? I can think of lots of happy places. You might be surprised how many of them involve bears. One particular meadow comes to mind. One sunny June day, we found a mama grizzly and her three large cubs. They had found a patch of thick spring grass liberally sprinkled… Continue Reading

  • What’s a second worth?

    How long did you look at the photo above? Or any other photos for that matter? The question arose after I read an article about a study that showed the human brain could classify photos in 13 milliseconds. That is hard to fathom! The article got me wondering how long I look at photos? I… Continue Reading

  • Framed

    I can hear the cynics now. ‘Oh sure you didn’t see the branches when you took the photos and now you’re saying it’s some fancy approach to photography.’ I’m not saying that never happens since branches hone in on my lens like ticks to a moose. But in these cases, I was trying to get the effect of looking… Continue Reading

  • Put down that camera!

    I play head games with myself all the time though I rarely seem to win. Here’s a couple of examples: Just wait a little more and some wildlife will magically appear… I’m sure the receptionist will call you soon and put an end to this insufferable waiting… It is entirely possible that I have also… Continue Reading

  • The Cool Photographers’ Club

    I should be the perfect candidate to enjoy black and white (B&W) photography. After all, I started out taking B&W photos as a kid and thot it was normal. That’s not entirely surprising since back in those prehistoric days, the whole world was black and white. I remember arguing with my dad that our TV… Continue Reading