• Bear guy

    There are groupies who follow their favourite bands across the country, people who flock to country clubs to play golf and fireworks junkies who can’t wait for the next opportunity to smell gunpowder. Did you know grizzly bears have their own loyal band of followers? It’s no secret if you want to set up a… Continue Reading

  • How did this happen?

    It’s fun to make assumptions. And much easier than waiting to get the facts. The only problem is that whenever I’ve assumed anything over the last while, it turned out to be wrong. I was sure my wife would be happy to clean up after I left things lying around … Sometimes assumptions are not… Continue Reading

  • Stopping power

    This may not be the best thing to admit, but I have competing voices in my head. I’ll be driving down a wonderful back road and encounter a nature scene. Suddenly those voices are locked in another debate. It happened again the other week when I was in Prince Albert National Park … I catch… Continue Reading

  • The oddest inspiration

    I freely admit my insatiable desire to keep photographing bears is a bit odd. Why does it keep pulling me in? It’s not like I haven’t seen bears before or haven’t taken lots of photos. When I finally find them, most of the time the bears don’t do anything that exciting since they are so… Continue Reading

  • Bad hair day

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a real bad hair day or a particularly good one. Most days it just seems pretty average. When someone cuts my hair, the person will usually hold up the mirror behind me and show me the same look that I’ve always had. Great, let’s move on. I recall… Continue Reading

  • The King

    Make no mistake, not everyone is equal in this revered place. There is a hierarchy in Yellowstone that is permanently established in the park code. All the animals, from the smallest to the largest, live by it and all the humans, from the tourists to the park rangers, carefully respect it. That’s why the atmosphere… Continue Reading