• The Other Side of Spring

    Even if I don’t have anything good to say … I still manage to write a blog! Spring in Saskatchewan means weather that has occasionally turned nice. Folks here are beside themselves excited to feel the occasional warmth of the sun, listen to the birds chirping and … well … you get the picture. With… Continue Reading

  • a prairie evening

    This past Monday was a good day with a great evening. Could wildlife be a factor? I found myself in the truck wandering around the countryside to see if there was anything to photograph. The shining sun had raised the temperature to a high of 12C (54F) and the air was calm. Near perfect conditions! I… Continue Reading

  • Being fast is not enough

    I have come to the unhappy conclusion that not all running is equal. It all started when I decided that I needed more action in my wildlife photos. Hanging around looking cute really only works if you’re cute and even then it wears thin with repetition. I was going to add action to my repertoire!… Continue Reading

  • The meeting

    It’s a bit awkward We’re in the same space No one arranged it No one is in charge We both look good It’s the golden hour We stare without blinking We are both intrigued I take some photos The deer checks me out The meeting ends We both leave The landscape still looks good

  • Laughing at us!

    Human activity must give deer a good laugh now and then, but especially in the winter. The deer are busy trying to survive in the snow – looking for food and a safe place to rest while keeping a constant lookout for predators, including humans. Meanwhile, all around them, humans are demonstrating all sorts of… Continue Reading

  • It’s a deer’s life

    On a beautiful, sunny day, I was invited to hang out with an extended deer family. I enjoyed their company. I thot I might have the chance to record some behaviour that would be similar to humans – that would make a good post. I looked hard for it but couldn’t find any examples that… Continue Reading