• Finally a hat trick!

    Strange things happen when I watch too much hockey – it starts to get all mixed up with my photography. I suspect it’s a uniquely Canadian problem. During a prairie winter, wildlife can be scarce. On a cold, windy February day, most creatures from around here are hunkered down hoping for faster global warming to… Continue Reading

  • Resting roadside

    It’s late afternoon I’m feeling tired There’s nice shade a few inches from a less travelled road The dirt feels soft as I settle in Mom is grazing on the other side of the bush It’s nice that I don’t need to be so close to her anymore I’m driving down a back road –… Continue Reading

  • That is definitely gawking!

    The last time I had this much attention focused on me, I was taking media calls during a crisis affecting my former company. Let me explain. The lowering sun finally brought out a mule buck to a distant ridge. It was just the two of us on a quiet nite. He focused intently while I… Continue Reading

  • Saskatchewan magic

    A setting sun Receding heat, calm air and … quiet A doe, a fawn and a field All bathed in magic light The doe looks up and waits A stranger has entered the scene The fawn looks up, then nibbles again The stranger savors the seconds The doe leaves The fawn follows The memory lives