• Don’t wrap the rocks!

    A highlight of our trip to Hawaii was being entertained by one of the native Hawaiian guides who led our horseback riding adventure. He was constantly joking with everyone. Our ride took us on a valley road lined with large boulders that appeared to mark the edge of the driving area. As we approached on… Continue Reading

  • Rethinking the turtle cliché

    You may have a lot more in common with turtles than you think! Before going to Hawaii, if you said turtle, I was thinking ‘slow as.’ I will admit there is some truth to the cliché. And turtles don’t help their public image by sleeping soundly for prolonged periods on public beaches of all places.… Continue Reading

  • A pleasant distraction

    In a perfect world I would be showing off these remarkable pictures of dolphins somersaulting through the air in Hawaii. Now we did see them and I got an airborne photo but there was a little problem. The image in my head must have been from some National Geographic show with crystal clear dolphins almost… Continue Reading

  • Searching for paradise

    Hawaii must be paradise. The licence plate on our rental car declared it and the tourist shops confirmed it. Licence plates don’t lie do they? Was the entire Big Island paradise? This purported paradise certainly has many different looks. Here are photos from five different parts of the island. The fancy resorts on the island’s… Continue Reading

  • Eerie walk

    It was a bit eerie inside the Kilauea Iki Crater on Hawaii’s Big Island. Perhaps it was knowing that in 1959 the rock we were walking on was a massive sea of molten lava as another eruption blew up the earth’s interior. Perhaps it was the mysterious venting from the deep holes in the crater… Continue Reading

  • What is that???

    Occasionally I spotted an unusual creature scurrying around areas where lava rock met vegetation in Hawaii. And even then sometimes only a long tail would attract my eye before quickly fading to black. One day we were walking toward yet another beach when I spotted a couple of them running around some trees. Of course,… Continue Reading