Don’t wrap the rocks!

A highlight of our trip to Hawaii was being entertained by one of the native Hawaiian guides who led our horseback riding adventure. He was constantly joking with everyone.

Our ride took us on a valley road lined with large boulders that appeared to mark the edge of the driving area. As we approached on horseback, he yelled out to an unsuspecting couple walking on the road that those were sacred rocks. When they looked up surprised, he had a good laugh.

His joke reminded me of this sign (click to enlarge).

At first it seemed to make sense. I respect significant historical sites … but then I got to thinking. The area around the sign was a sea of lava rock as far as the eye could see … except for the resort. However, in order to build the resort, they had to clear away massive areas of lava rock for the condos behind the sign, the golf course and of course the very path that was beside the sign. Without that massive disturbance, no one in their right mind would try to walk over all that lava rock to get there in the first place!

Nevertheless, I dutifully followed the sign’s instructions, though I’m not entirely sure since I don’t have the foggiest idea what it means to “wrap a rock.”

I had a good chuckle every time we passed the sign and just had to take a photo.

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