A pleasant distraction

In a perfect world I would be showing off these remarkable pictures of dolphins somersaulting through the air in Hawaii. Now we did see them and I got an airborne photo but there was a little problem. The image in my head must have been from some National Geographic show with crystal clear dolphins almost jumping out of my plasma TV screen. My image was a tiny but recognizable dolphin from a kilometer away on a cloudy grey day. The dolphins wandered off and so did I.

A hundred metres away, I got intrigued by unusual-looking birds. They had colour that was new and exotic. There was also an abundant supply that kept me clicking away. Great fun. It was only after we had been to a few more locations that I realized the same birds showed up everywhere. Oh well, they still looked good to me. Here are some feathered friends that showed up most places we did.

Click on the photos to get larger images.

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