• Tongue in Cheek Collection

    Wildlife photography is a serious pursuit. Except when it’s not. Oh sure, there is highly refined gear to master, an artistic and technical learning curve, and it really helps to have luck mixed with whatever patience I can muster. The eagerly awaited results can be jaw dropping or mortifying – both only add to the hopelessly… Continue Reading

  • Just don’t call that heron small!

    The name great blue heron gives off all these positive vibes of a large, regal bird even before seeing it. Sadly, I didn’t find one during my wanderings one day last fall. There is a reason that large birds get an extra 15 points on my bird likeability index. Typically, I find the big ones… Continue Reading

  • chasing fire!

    So why did we don multiple jackets to stand in pitch darkness in a spot that seemed suspiciously like the middle of nowhere? To see fire of course! It all started when we saw smoke rising from a forested mountainside. Mrs. Krahanpix’s interest in fire is even stronger than mine and she insisted we investigate.… Continue Reading

  • Salty sheep?

    Some animals only come out at night. Some are camouflaged so well you don’t see them. Some never show themselves to humans. And then there are Rocky Mountain Sheep that often park themselves in the middle of the road and lick up the salt. They’re a little harder to miss. I’m all for co-operative wildlife,… Continue Reading

  • Is that a natural-looking pole?

    Krahnpix is all about wildlife and nature photos so it makes sense that the scenes I photograph should also be wild and natural – right? It’s easy for me to avoid zoos, pets and stuffed animals. On the other hand when I see an elk deep in a pristine national park, all the wild boxes… Continue Reading

  • So it was difficult … that’s irrelevant

    You and I both know when we like a photo. But do we know why? I think I’m getting better at figuring out my reasons but I’m guessing there are a sea of subliminal forces affecting my subjective choices. One aspect recently caught my attention. If a photo is technically more difficult to make, am… Continue Reading