• Best landscapes this year

    Democracy is such a beautiful thing. I’m offering you another chance to vote! This time it’s on my favourite landscapes from blog posts in 2013. If you happen to wander around this blog a little, you may have noticed I have a tiny preference for wildlife. I like to look for wildlife in beautiful places… Continue Reading

  • Sandhill Season

    Did you ever get the feeling that you may have been missing out on something? There is a special time of year on the prairies that is quickly becoming my favourite – sandhill season. It starts with the first sighting of Sandhill Cranes in summer and lasts until I can’t find them anymore in fall.… Continue Reading

  • Goodbye photography …

    It has finally dawned on me that the whole idea of trying to photograph wildlife is preposterous. How could I possibly add anything to the already well populated world of wildlife photography. If you don’t believe me, type the name of any wild creature into your favourite web search engine and watch for absolutely amazing… Continue Reading

  • Put down that camera!

    I play head games with myself all the time though I rarely seem to win. Here’s a couple of examples: Just wait a little more and some wildlife will magically appear… I’m sure the receptionist will call you soon and put an end to this insufferable waiting… It is entirely possible that I have also… Continue Reading

  • Chasing the tack sharp mirage

    Do some phrases bug you after you’ve heard them a few times? Perhaps a commercial you’ve seen too much? Many years ago I went through a phase of reading books on photography. One phrase that kept coming up was the idea of making photos that were tack sharp. Initially I thot it had a nice… Continue Reading

  • Are you a poser?

    Just bring out a camera and watch the reaction of people. It can be quite amusing as they quickly sort themselves into distinct groups. I recall many years ago accompanying a professional photographer to one of the company’s industrial sites. Our goal was to get photos of workers doing regular jobs for use in the… Continue Reading