• A story without an end …

    My blogging journey thus far has been a fascinating experience with many surprises and an elusive next step. Along the way I have recognized a number of phases. Dream phase Initially I had this crazy idea to share my photos and slowly that dream morphed into a decision to blog. It reminded me of a… Continue Reading

  • Sleep masters

    I find sleep to be a cruel mirage that taunts me while I search for its mystical powers. I go to bed out of a sense of responsibility and impatiently wait for another restless nite to begin. The process eventually ends when I awake in a coffee-resistant fog. It seems slightly less than ideal. All… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife Olympics Spawn Controversy

    The Wildlife Olympics have received little media attention given the unfortunate timing of the Summer Olympics. For the beleaguered wildlife representatives from western Canada, that’s probably just as well. The group started out with such promise, particularly in the synchronized swimming event. However, if the waterfowl team wins a medal, it will be without their… Continue Reading