• Goodbye, Farewell and Goodnight

    Krahnpix was always an odd combination of wildlife photos and my eclectic version of wit. I’m pretty sure I was the biggest fan. I suppose that was a natural outcome of pouring my heart and soul into a project. Through good times and bad, I passionately chased wildlife, learned a few tricks of the trade… Continue Reading

  • Sandhill Cranes, Mud and Alligators

    How do I keep my naturally ahem calm and focused demeanour? I have learned to take the shortest, fastest and sometimes unorthodox path between two points. Force me on the road more travelled and I may become … well … a little less calm. I assure you the problem lies not with me – just the obstacles and detours… Continue Reading

  • Time to change the calendar

    “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein Krahnpix is committed to changing the stodgy old calendar as a public service to the world. Of course everyone intuitively understands our current calendars are seriously flawed. What’s with leap years, random number of days in a month and… Continue Reading

  • Complaining works!

    Who ever said complaining doesn’t work? We are driving down a familiar highway into a sunset. Conversation is relaxed and intermittent. My brother asks about my next blog post. I bemoan that events have conspired against my wildlife photography in the last few weeks. Am I still a wildlife photographer if I’m not taking any… Continue Reading

  • So it was difficult … that’s irrelevant

    You and I both know when we like a photo. But do we know why? I think I’m getting better at figuring out my reasons but I’m guessing there are a sea of subliminal forces affecting my subjective choices. One aspect recently caught my attention. If a photo is technically more difficult to make, am… Continue Reading

  • Standing watch

    It’s a warm evening after a gorgeous day. The Saskatchewan sky is working its way through a palette of orange hues as the day disappears. I want this moment to last forever but it’s sliding away. I spent the evening hours in the company of hawks circling, landing and making me smile. In the fading… Continue Reading