Standing watch

It’s a warm evening after a gorgeous day. The Saskatchewan sky is working its way through a palette of orange hues as the day disappears.

I want this moment to last forever but it’s sliding away. I spent the evening hours in the company of hawks circling, landing and making me smile. In the fading light, I drive slowly hoping for one last image.

I see the hawk on its perch. While it’s too dark to see its eyes, I recognize the focused stare that seems oblivious to the light show all around. The hunger is real and so is the hunt. If it’s successful, something dies.

The scene is surreal, soft and beautiful. The stare is cold and unnerving.

The sun sets.

Latest Comments

  1. Scott Marshall says:

    now this is one of your best shots – in asimilar way that I was saying to Phil – I enjoy your arty wildlife shots best and this fit that category perfectly


  2. Sheldon Hoffman says:

    Beautiful Photography Lyle. Brings me back to my youth the dog days of summer, the brilliant orange glow and watching the hawks hunt for mice in the field.


    • lylekrahn says:

      Thanks. Glad it brings bad good memories. It sure brings back memories of a magical evening for me. I hope to find a few more like that this summer.


  3. mariayarri says:

    That photo is eye candy for me ! // Maria


  4. lsdfloodlight says:

    wow。What a professional cameraman.You are always closing to magic nature!I like your peace and beauty as your photo and article show!


  5. FeyGirl says:

    Just stunning… Such a magnificent creature, highlighted against that dramatic sky. Perfection!


  6. artsifrtsy says:

    Perfect – image and words work just perfectly together.


  7. Mike Powell says:

    I love the contrasts in the image itself and also in the words: the softness of the background and the sharpness of the foreground; the brightness of the yellow and the blackness of the silhouette; the tension of the hunt and the peace of the moment; the inevitable passage of time and the desire to hold on to it for a moment longer.

    It reminds me of one of my favorite poems called Le Lac (The Lake) by a Lamartine, a 19th century French poet. Part of it includes these words ( taken from the version at :

    « Ô temps ! suspends ton vol, et vous, heures propices !
    Suspendez votre cours :
    Laissez-nous savourer les rapides délices
    Des plus beaux de nos jours !……

    « Mais je demande en vain quelques moments encore,
    Le temps m’échappe et fuit ;
    Je dis à cette nuit : Sois plus lente ; et l’aurore
    Va dissiper la nuit.

    I don’t know how good your French is, but my quick translation would be:

    Oh time, suspend your flight
    And you, propitious hours,
    Suspend your course
    Les us savor the rapid delights
    Of our most beautiful days…

    But I ask in vain for a few more moments,
    Time escapes and flees
    I say to this night “Go more slowly”
    And dawn will dissipate the night


    • lylekrahn says:

      Thanks for the translation since the little French I took in high school has look since evaporated. That’s a great poem – really enjoyed it. The contrasts were so real to me and you summarized them so well.


      • Mike Powell says:

        The whole poem is a lot longer. It’s about a man who comes to the lake and finds there the reflection of his past love in the elements of nature. The theme of the passage of time is somewhat typical of French 19th century romanticism. I am not a big fan of romantic poetry in English, but someone in French it strikes a different part of me.


  8. melodylowes says:

    I enjoyed the sunset, too! But in my case, I was sneaking up on some deer through a mystifying mixture of muck/snow/ice/water. Haven’t checked out my shots yet to know whether there are any keepers. Love the blaze of that sunset behind that hawk…


  9. mimar9 says:

    And in assessment thereof, and in response(s) thereto!


  10. Deb W. Trotter says:

    Every moment of the day passes as quickly as any other. I guess it’s just more noticeable at the end and the beginning of the day’s light when we might want it to slow down or last longer. Lots of good imagery in this post, verbal and visual.


  11. Honie Briggs says:

    Your description complimented the image perfectly, the moment, the sunset, both suspended between life and death. Splendid!


  12. Kodiak My Little Grizzly says:

    Amazing post and photo!!!


  13. Guillaume says:

    These colors black and yellow are magnificent !
    The angry is very good !


  14. hannele says:

    Beautiful poetry in both words and image. Thanks for sharing this!


  15. Mandy says:

    Lovely words Lyle


  16. vanbraman says:

    I really like the silhouette of the hawk.


  17. cindy knoke says:

    Gorgeous shot! I just posted hawks in flight at high elevation. Love hawks~


  18. sherijkennedyriverside says:

    Your image and word images are extraordinary. I too longed for it to continue.


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