• That is definitely gawking!

    The last time I had this much attention focused on me, I was taking media calls during a crisis affecting my former company. Let me explain. The lowering sun finally brought out a mule buck to a distant ridge. It was just the two of us on a quiet nite. He focused intently while I… Continue Reading

  • Saskatchewan Stealth

    Locals will tell you there are few secrets in rural Saskatchewan – that’s the way it’s always been. Yet one covert mission managed to stay under the radar. Quite a few years ago, representatives from US military suppliers paid the prairies a visit while posing as tourists. They came, observed and left. While they didn’t… Continue Reading

  • Missing something

    We were on our way home after an eventful day of looking for wildlife. Despite lots of rain and fog, I’d managed to stay mostly dry (always a careful consideration). As we headed back to the cabin, the clouds opened up a bit enabling me to take one more photo. I found the perfect spot… Continue Reading

  • Doubting mountain doubt

    I should have learned to doubt the doubt. After all the planning and hoping, yesterday we arrived in Dead Man’s Flats, Alberta. This is a bit of an accomplishment since I am probably the oldest kid alive – are we there yet? I was tired but hopeful for the photography opportunities that awaited. In uncharacteristic bombast… Continue Reading