• Sleep masters

    I find sleep to be a cruel mirage that taunts me while I search for its mystical powers. I go to bed out of a sense of responsibility and impatiently wait for another restless nite to begin. The process eventually ends when I awake in a coffee-resistant fog. It seems slightly less than ideal. All… Continue Reading

  • Delayed lunch

    There are times when I’m drinking up the atmosphere in an idyllic, peaceful setting while casually observing and photographing wildlife. This was not one of those times. My mind was anticipating lunch at the Mammoth Springs Hotel as we headed down a well-travelled road in Yellowstone. I have a love of food that has been… Continue Reading

  • Great day gets better

    The great days just get better … and the other ones we’ll save for another post. That’s why it would have to be a dream day for wildlife photography when I had the bonus of seeing a coyote up close … real close. I like the photo at the right which I took around home… Continue Reading

  • Another world

    There are two worlds in Yellowstone during May. Some people choose to miss out on the best. In the north, it’s dry, dusty and tick friendly (it turns out I’m not fond of all wildlife). Counter intuitively, in the south it’s still a winter wonderland with snow-closed roads. These worlds can be less then a… Continue Reading

  • Predator and prey

    The dream scene was unfolding before us. A black bear was ambling within sight of a Yellowstone road, nibbling at whatever caught its eye. In the distance, a bison was grazing comfortably on old grass. An air of anticipation rippled through the photographers watching on the road as they realized that the two creatures might… Continue Reading

  • The meeting

    It’s a bit awkward We’re in the same space No one arranged it No one is in charge We both look good It’s the golden hour We stare without blinking We are both intrigued I take some photos The deer checks me out The meeting ends We both leave The landscape still looks good