• Pain in the neck

    There’s something wrong with my neck. I’ve had some intermittent soreness over the years but I didn’t think I had serious neck issues. I would get engrossed in writing a blog, for example, and only get up to stretch after soreness had settled in. I blamed myself. My chiropractor also blamed me. Then I started looking… Continue Reading

  • Waldo would approve

    Growing up I was intrigued by the Where’s Waldo series. The objective was to find a funny looking guy in a maze of brightly coloured stuff. My first encounter with a pica was exactly the same. We were walking along a mountain path and heard a squeak. Turning around we saw a large pile of… Continue Reading

  • Standing watch

    It’s a warm evening after a gorgeous day. The Saskatchewan sky is working its way through a palette of orange hues as the day disappears. I want this moment to last forever but it’s sliding away. I spent the evening hours in the company of hawks circling, landing and making me smile. In the fading… Continue Reading

  • No compromise!

    No compromise is good. Right? I think of principled action, standing up against societal pressure or getting it right. I envision a movie plot where the hero sticks to his values whether it means winning or going down in a blaze of glory. On the other side, compromise sounds like what committees do to get everyone… Continue Reading

  • Mysterious roadkill

    I’m completely mystified how roadkill happens. In my travels, I have observed wildlife crossing backroads and highways many times. They have developed a keen sense of the dangers involved and acquired excellent strategies to prevent any harm to themselves or motorists. I have compiled some of the more common methods, though every animal seems to… Continue Reading

  • Elk attitude

    You’ll have to trust me. I really didn’t go looking for it. I was minding my own business, driving down a snowy road looking for signs of wildlife. Out of nowhere an elk would appear. Before I could focus my camera, it would show me a little attitude. I simply took the photos and wrote… Continue Reading