• Not a happy clapper

    So what do Old Faithful and clapping have in common? Lemmings of course! I’d been hearing about Old Faithful for decades. We tried to visit it on our first trip to Yellowstone National Park but were turned back because of forest fires. So 25 years later we were finally walking up to the site. Considering… Continue Reading

  • Would you crop … or not?

    We drove by this scene a few times in Yellowstone National Park and every time I knew that I wanted to take a photo of it. I also noted the challenges. The biggest problem was that I couldn’t stand where I wanted – I would have preferred to be about 50 metres to my right.… Continue Reading

  • Sacrificing my body

    Good photographers are willing to do whatever it takes to get their photo. Broken lenses and broken legs sometimes go with the territory. I don’t want to make too big a deal of it but there have been times when I’ve punished the old body, all in the pursuit of an image. It reminds me… Continue Reading

  • Best landscapes this year

    Democracy is such a beautiful thing. I’m offering you another chance to vote! This time it’s on my favourite landscapes from blog posts in 2013. If you happen to wander around this blog a little, you may have noticed I have a tiny preference for wildlife. I like to look for wildlife in beautiful places… Continue Reading

  • My favourite wildlife this year

    What’s your favourite? It’s become an annual tradition. I troll through my blog posts from the year and pick my 10 favourite wildlife photos – the only rule I give myself is no repeat animals. I’m curious which photo you find the most interesting. There’s an easy, fun poll at the end that lets you pick your favourite… Continue Reading

  • The edge of bluster

    I suspect there is a little of each of us in this bison. We were surprised to find him sitting right beside the edge of the road just inches from potential traffic. I decided to stop and take a photo, secretly hoping a car would come from the other direction. Amusingly a car drove right… Continue Reading