My favourite wildlife this year

What’s your favourite?

It’s become an annual tradition. I troll through my blog posts from the year and pick my 10 favourite wildlife photos – the only rule I give myself is no repeat animals.

I’m curious which photo you find the most interesting. There’s an easy, fun poll at the end that lets you pick your favourite and see how others voted.

If you find it hard to choose, just remember you’re not choosing the next leader of the country! And if you really need to vote for more than one, go ahead. Just remember the first vote is free but the next ones will cost you a donation to your favourite charity.

Happy voting!!! I’d love to know the reasons behind your choice.

1. Iconic Bison

There are so many bison in Yellowstone National Park, it’s hard to know what to shoot. I decided I wanted a big guy on a ridge and this big fella was kind enough to oblige. (Please note there are links back to each original post).

_T6C7917 (1)

2. Hunting Owl

I was envious of all the other owl shots I was seeing until I got my own in the most unlikely of circumstances. I love the built-in long underwear.


3. Sandhill Colour

My goal was to find Sandhill Cranes in a different setting than a stubble field and I was happily successful one glorious fall day.


4. Wolf Dream

I never expected to encounter a wolf on our first evening in Banff National Park but that’s when it happened. Those eyes are hauntingly special.

_T6C8458 (1)

5. Mountain Goat Magic

I’m not sure who was checking out whom more carefully but I know I got the better part of this exchange.

_MG_9141 (1)

6. Fox Hunting Paradise

I will never forget watching this fox hunt voles for over an hour. As soon as the fox would crouch, my adrenaline surged_T6C7162

7. Screaming Hawk

I can only image the terror that scream and the circling shadow causes potential prey. It really is bone chilling.

_T6C8527 - Version 2

8. Cute Cub

Strike this one off the photo bucket list. I was so pleased to find this comfortably perched cub in Yellowstone National Park. The trouble with striking things off the bucket list is that it doesn’t stop me from wanting to find more.

_T6C7799 (1)

9. Stuck in Chickadee School

The smallest and friendliest bird I ever photographed prompted a post with my favourite title of the year.


10. Industrious Pika

I have been a fan of this chatty little creature since the first time I managed to find one hidden among the rocks. No lack of energy or whiskers here.


Latest Comments

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  2. Cynthia Mackowick says:

    Although I did pick the Pika, It was hard to pick a favorite!


  3. bits and pieces on photo says:

    These are some amazing images! you should be so proud of yourself when you see what a great collection you have at the end of the year!


  4. artsifrtsy says:

    I love that chicky shot – although getting a shot at a bear would definitely be bucket list material.


  5. Beth Walsh's Photoblog says:

    They are all great. I had two favourites: the fox and the pika.


  6. DMgirl says:

    The way the cranes looked with their surroundings was what got my vote. They are all awesome photos! I am glad you did this type of post again. 🙂


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      You remembered last year! Yes I had fun with it last year and found it to be good exercise in reviewing the year and what I’ve done with photography. Thanks for voting and explaining!


  7. kerlund74 says:

    Oh, they are all great, real wonderful. Love the captures of animals in the middle of their lifes. But number 3 was my vote, because I love the colortones in that, it is the photo that attracts my eyes the most:)


  8. Dick Trew says:

    I can’t help but think that a publisher of fine images would love each of these that have been offered up for us to consider! It reminds me of being in a candy store as a child with a found coin and having the greatest difficulty deciding which of the confections I would choose to satisfy my craving for sweets–but I always managed to find something that appealed in that moment over the other delicious possibilities… “Peak of action” shots have a special attraction for me and the fox image wins out for that reason–there really is no superior example of that particular quality. The focus of all the fox’s senses (hearing, sight, locomotive) as the the coiled spring captures the meadow vole (I”m imagining) is presented in an amazingly designed, colored and perfectly focused portrayal. (“Negative space” texture and shadows contribute strongly to the impact of the Fox in flight.) Well done!


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      Watching that fox hunting for a full hour was the highlight of my wildlife experiences this year. It was an incredible opportunity to witness the fox’s remarkable ability – and yes it did capture a meadow vole on that jump! I am still stunned by their ability to hunt like that. I was so thankful my images were able to portray some of the beauty, action and prowess of that special time. Thanks again for your thotful comments. Much appreciated.


  9. Stefano says:

    They are all great, very solid shots but, as you may know already, my allegiance is for the wolf. I love it.


  10. Steve Gingold says:

    The screaming hawk got my vote. Personally, I almost did not vote simply because they are all excellent, worthy of being chosen and, as you said, have both a story and an experience to them. However, I think the hawk may have been to greatest challenge to capture requiring skill and luck coinciding for a superb image. I did not follow the links, so maybe there is a great story behind one that I have missed, but images stand on their own when viewed and that one got my vote. 🙂


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      Thanks for voting! Only someone like you has done it well can fully appreciate the combination of skill and luck that is needed to get a shot like that. And I agree that images do stand on their own but of course they have a back story. That hawk is a long-term favourite of mine both for the image and the memory of standing there on that warm evening as that hawk circled and screamed while I enjoyed my good fortune.


  11. eleanormarriott says:

    They’re all great shots, but it has to be the pika – wonderful!


  12. Gunta says:

    Some extremely hard choices here. I voted for the cranes. I don’t understand what there is about that bird that makes it so special to me. But to be honest each shot and critter offers something special in its own way. I would love to have an opportunity to see any of them in real life. Your shots are the next best thing.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      It’s nice to see that you are a consistent fan of those Sandhill Cranes. For me I think the fact that they look and act a little differently, even oddly, adds a strange attraction. I always appreciate your comments.


  13. Mary says:

    Number 6 – all time favorite!


  14. Phil Lanoue says:

    My first quick impression was the pika, then as soon as I clicked the vote button I saw that’s the current favorite. It’s just such a great shot of this cute (and cool) little guy with his cheeks all stuffed.
    The pika barely beat out the wolf as my top choice, but I could easily be swayed back to the super image of the wolf.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      Thanks for checking them out and providing your comments. It’s interesting what people choose and why. I also recognize again that being at each of the scenes affects my impression of it.


  15. idiotphotographer says:

    That wolf! Oh that stunning, haunting wolf.

    To be honest I would gladly put any one of these photos on my wall, but if I had to limit it to three it would be wolf, fox, and owl. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and encounters with us.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      Thanks for choosing. It really helps that those are all beautiful animals but there is something different about the wolf shot. I have been fortunate in my encounters and it has been fun to share. I appreciate your comments.


  16. westerner54 says:

    The ones where the critter is looking at us are always my favorites…but in this case I love the chickadee. You’ve captured the essence of chickadee-ness with this photo!


  17. caleephotography says:

    I love all of them, but I voted for the fox. That picture is so dynamic, the fox is so beautiful, the light is perfect and when looking at the picture you’re just dying to hear the story about it. 😀


  18. Dana S. Hugh says:

    Beautiful exposition and pretty hard to pick the second place…or is about donation fear 🙂


  19. Jeff | Planet Bell says:

    Wow, those are all great photos. I’ve looked at them about 5 times and still can’t decide, so I am going to vote for the Pika. He is perfectly in focus with the blurred background, plus the green grass is vibrant compared to the grays and the browns in the shot. I also like the bear, but I assume most people will vote for him so I am sort of rooting for the underdog some.


  20. Karolyn Cooper says:

    I am voting for the hawk, but I love the cute cub too.


  21. vanbraman says:

    I remember all of these from when you posted them except for the last one. My favorite is the first one.


  22. Deb W. Trotter says:

    I really like them all, and each photo makes me feel something different from the others. However, I voted for the sandhill cranes. They are beautiful birds and there is a lot of action in the photo, probably because there are four birds, all in differing flight positions. I also love the colors, and the way the birds almost see to be outlined in black.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      It is fascinating how each animal and scene brings something different. I appreciate you providing the excellent reasons behind your choice. I think I may have underestimated the positive impact of the birds’ differing flight positions. Thanks for your comments.


  23. judeconning says:

    They are all fantastic but I have to vote for that amazing wolf. The Sandhill Cranes are also stunning.


  24. anotherday2paradise says:

    All fabulous in the extreme, but I plumped for the ‘fox hunt paradise’. Such a vibrant and energetic pic. 🙂


  25. Mandy says:

    I finally voted for the hawk for its clarity and contrasting colours, but the best thing about this poll is remembering most of the stories behind each photo without going back to the original post. It made me realize how much I continue to enjoy your blog.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      I am pleased, and more than a little surprised, that you could remember the stories behind the photos. I appreciate you voting and providing your encouraging comments.


  26. Sheldon says:

    My top 10
    1-Cute Cub
    2-Mountain Goat Magic
    3-Fox Hunting Paradise
    4-Hunting Owl
    5-Screaming Hawk
    6- Industrious Pica
    7-Sandhill Colour
    8- Iconic Bison
    9-Wolf Dream
    10-Stuck in Chickadee School


  27. Victor Rakmil says:

    They are all world class!


  28. niasunset says:

    They are all amazing and exactly great photographs. It is really hard to chose one of them. But yes, I voted too. I don’t say which one, because I really want you to know, they are all my favorite. Thank you, love, nia


  29. Seenorway says:

    I think my vote will be for the hawk?!


  30. Honie Briggs says:

    It could have easily been the screaming hawk and the bear in the tree and the fox and the cranes. Think prints. “The Wild Life” series. I’ll be your first customer.


  31. Reed Andariese says:

    Hi, I like them all, but for a favorite it would be hard to pick between the fox hunting or the owl.


  32. Mind Margins says:

    Impossible to choose just one favorite photo! I especially love the wolf, the sandhill cranes, the chickadee, and the fox, but each photo truly is fabulous, Lyle. I love seeing your photos and reading your commentary each week. I haven’t been posting for a while, or commenting much, but I do continue to stalk. Great work!


  33. dda53 says:

    This was a easy poll. I just closed my eyes and clicked on one because they are all great.


  34. Joyce Gamsby-Kesling says:

    I voted but it was hard. I really really liked all of them! 😎


  35. Delft says:

    A very hard choice. The pica and chick are cute, the bear is fuzzy, and the wolf and fox remind me of my dog. And of course, as a Capricorn I feel partiality for the mountain goat.
    Cuteness aside, my vote goes to the photo of the cranes. The different position of the wings, and the softness of the light – lovely!


  36. Cee Neuner says:

    It was super hard to choose. They are all fabulous!


  37. Michelle at The Green Study says:

    Some fantastic photos and tough choices! Catching that fox mid-air was fabulous, but love the unique shot of the pica as well.


  38. Mike says:

    I like them all. But the series of fox photos is fantastic!


  39. says:

    Ohhh, I like them all! What a great idea…


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