Back into winter?

The snow has long left these parts so what’s with the winter photos today?

A couple of years ago at this time of year, I went to a photography course in Canmore, Alberta. I thoroughly enjoyed the course by day but rushed out as soon as it was over to head into Kananaskis. That part of the country gets an amazing amount of snow and it looked like the dead of winter even during the warmer temperatures at the end of April.

Driving down one of the back roads, it was quiet and I hadn’t seen a vehicle for a long time. As usual, I was looking for wildlife, but hadn’t seen anything (also fairly typical). Since it was getting dark, I decided to head back. I turned a corner and suddenly there was a young moose turning back to look at me.

I was so excited I fumbled with my camera as I desperately tried to get a photo. The moose soon headed into the bush and that’s when I noticed the mother chewing away on some trees. I rolled down my windows and watched the beautiful pair using their awkward step to quickly navigate the deep snow to get to more food. They ate silently as I craned my neck and tried to find an unobstructed view through the branches.

Every now and then I was successful, thrilled to be sharing the moment with them. After nearly an hour darkness was trumping my camera’s capacity. I reluctantly left the pair still chewing away. But I was the one with a smile on my face.

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