What’s that racket?

Bang, bang! What on earth is that noise? Bang, bang, bang!

After some artful sleuthing, I figured out that a heavy-set Robin was repeatedly flattening its beak on our living room window. It was taking multiple hits on the same flight.

It has happened before, but this was different. Other birds quickly came to the conclusion they weren’t making it through and went on to other things. Not this one. For days we heard this repeated pounding on the window as it refused to submit to the glass. Did it lose some IQ on the flight back to Saskatchewan?

Robin smears on our living room window

The first few times I could understand since there are trees growing all around the window and there may have been some deceiving reflections. However after face-planting dozens of times, the windows were so smeared with whatever residue it left behind, my view was getting obstructed! This was becoming a nuisance, especially since the mid-air collisions seemed to stimulate its bowels leaving the outside sill looking like a barn.

This Robin has spent a lot of time looking into our living room recovering from window face plants.

Yesterday I partially cleaned the windows thinking maybe I could at least get a picture of the bird and plot my next step. Surprisingly, the window bashing seemed to subside though it still regularly landed on the sill.

Today I noticed some twigs in its mouth and followed its flight up to a higher branch. It’s building a nest – a much better use of energy. However, I can only hope the gene pool isn’t too limited!

Even though the window was far from clean I managed to get surprisingly clear photos of the Robin in the trees through the window.

I took this photo and the one below through the living room window that I had quickly cleaned. I was surprised how clear it was.

Latest Comments

  1. lylekrahn says:

    I was a surprised by that too. I thot I needed a house in the forest!


  2. Brian says:

    Hey Lyle, nice clear pics with great lighting. Who says you need to travel far and wide for good nature shots. They are right in your back yard through your window. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house.


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