• Nothing to change here …

    “It is the nature of a man as he grows older to protest against change, particularly change for the better.” John Steinbeck Apparently someone snuck in change as a virtue when I wasn’t looking. This isn’t altogether good news for me since there are a few things that I like to keep the same –… Continue Reading

  • How do you like your bears?

    Whenever I bring up the subject of bears, the reactions are all over the map. When I talked to tourists in Banff National Park last week they just wanted to know where to find them. A sighting immediately created a buzz. A helpful person who worked at a park information centre kept a personal bear count… Continue Reading

  • endangered species?

    The odds of you reading this sentence are slim. The odds of you reading to the end of this post are incredibly small. Why? It seems like actual readers on the Internet are becoming an endangered species – unlike the bears in Banff National Park. People may read headlines and quickly scan – they might even take a… Continue Reading

  • Happy place

    Do you have a happy place? I can think of lots of happy places. You might be surprised how many of them involve bears. One particular meadow comes to mind. One sunny June day, we found a mama grizzly and her three large cubs. They had found a patch of thick spring grass liberally sprinkled… Continue Reading

  • Elk Family Foibles

    Remember when you were a child visiting a friend’s home and got to see what their family was really like? This isn’t like that. The elk family is just too different. They all appear to get along well enough and share considerable time with their only apparent interest – eating. This leads to a surprising… Continue Reading