Elk Family Foibles

Remember when you were a child visiting a friend’s home and got to see what their family was really like? This isn’t like that.

The elk family is just too different.

They all appear to get along well enough and share considerable time with their only apparent interest – eating. This leads to a surprising amount of family chewing time and hanging out at a large buffet. For a family that eats this much, they sure seem to wear their weight well.

I quickly noticed there were a lot of kids and too many moms for my liking. The elk lifestyle involves a lot of polygamy. They all seemed to think it was normal.

The most striking thing about this family had to be the dad’s most impressive presence.

Elk, buck, prairie, Banff, antlers

Everything he did commanded my attention and respect. When he walked, it seemed as though the earth moved. I hung on his every movement.

Up close and personal he was similarly impressive. He would not be someone to antagonize.

Elk, buck, prairie, Banff, antlers

As I expected, this dad had a booming voice and wasn’t shy about making himself heard.

Elk, buck, prairie, Banff, antlers, bugle

Yet surprisingly, nobody in the family seemed to pay any attention to what he was saying. I guess it happens even to the best!

All too soon my happy observing time was over. I would be left with fond memories of another dysfunctional family.

Even now they are probably out there somewhere … eating, and ignoring dad.

Latest Comments

  1. GuillaumeGuillaume says:

    Photos with animals are probably my favorite photos !


  2. Carl says:

    What is amazing is that they grow the antlers from the skull up each year. During the peak, they grow two inches per day.


  3. Where Is Lori Now says:

    That last part if so funny and true. I just took some photos of a very similar situation here in the Rocky Mountain Nation Park (near Estes Park, CO) and you described what I experienced to a “T”. It is amazing how the females and “kids” seem to not pay attention, but some how he rounds them all up and keeps them. Don’t you just love to hear their call…I get goosebumps when I hear it. Neat stuff!


  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    Yes, this all sounds about right as far as the family goes.
    That last photo is a scream!! 😀
    Terrific photos and commentary!


  5. Rejoice For The Day says:

    You live where there is some amazing wildlife!


    • lylekrahn says:

      Unfortunately not all this wildlife is really close. These shots were taken at Jasper which is about 9 hours from our place – still close enough to visit regularly.


  6. artsifrtsy says:

    Awesome set – I love the sound of their bugling. It’s all pretty peaceful until another guy stops by:)


  7. caleephotography says:

    Yes, who else would make comments like that? (I’m looking at you, Mike) 😀 Great shots, Lyle!! These are a lot smaller than the ones we had where I grew up (ours look like moose’s but we call them elks) and these are prettier!


  8. Mike Powell says:

    These are amazing shots of incredible animals (I’ve never seen an elk in person). Your humor and creative storytelling make looking at the photos even more enjoyable. Where else could I go for a commentary on polygamy and elks?


  9. yourothermotherhere says:

    I got a big smile out of that last line!


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