• Saskatchewan Stealth

    Locals will tell you there are few secrets in rural Saskatchewan – that’s the way it’s always been. Yet one covert mission managed to stay under the radar. Quite a few years ago, representatives from US military suppliers paid the prairies a visit while posing as tourists. They came, observed and left. While they didn’t… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife Olympics Spawn Controversy

    The Wildlife Olympics have received little media attention given the unfortunate timing of the Summer Olympics. For the beleaguered wildlife representatives from western Canada, that’s probably just as well. The group started out with such promise, particularly in the synchronized swimming event. However, if the waterfowl team wins a medal, it will be without their… Continue Reading

  • Beaver beats the odds

    I like beavers. The toothy dam builder is a familiar prairie icon that is industrious, agile and resilient. It’s somehow comforting to see a beaver’s nose gliding along the water then effortlessly disappear in the fading light. At first blush it makes sense that the beaver is a Canadian icon. Just look at all those… Continue Reading

  • Bighorn sheep in a zone

    Some animals are known to be industrious – beavers and ants come quickly to mind. I suppose it’s because they always seem to be moving with a purpose. That was definitely not the case with the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep we saw on our recent holiday. The behaviour I observed was the same as any… Continue Reading

  • The grizzly has a name!

    This blog has gone to the bears. After a week in the Rockies in early June, my computer is literally bursting with bear photos that need somewhere to go. So here’s another bear post! On June 7, I described finding an orphaned grizzly cub that had made it through the winter. One of the bear’s… Continue Reading

  • One hungry black bear

    There’s nothing quite as special as the first one. I kept searching the landscape on our swing through Kananaskis in Alberta but was not successful. I found some wildlife but not what I looking for – bears! On our second day, we headed up Highway 1A toward Lake Louise to get to our cabin. Suddenly… Continue Reading