One hungry black bear

There’s nothing quite as special as the first one.

I kept searching the landscape on our swing through Kananaskis in Alberta but was not successful. I found some wildlife but not what I looking for – bears!

On our second day, we headed up Highway 1A toward Lake Louise to get to our cabin. Suddenly there was our first beautiful black bear, power eating at the side of the road. With muscles rippling in near continuous motion, this bear was on a clearly defined mission!

I knew that hibernation brought on a healthy spring appetite but it’s much more impressive to see it in action. The total vegetation the bear consumed with 10 bites wasn’t that large. However, each 10 bites were followed by another and another as the bear walked and augured in the food. It didn’t take long before my volume calculations were adding up.

This predictable behaviour added to the photography challenge. Eating photos are fine but I wanted some images with the bear’s  head up. This meant I had to keep watching for extended periods before the bear would lift its head, only to see some shrub covering its face.  At the same time I had other challenges like paying enough attention so that the bear wouldn’t eat its way to my feet!

Thankfully the bear worked its way through a few clearings so I could get a few shots and enjoy watching this beautiful creature. The first bear on the trip was special and it turned out to be the only one of 14 sightings when it was dry. Interesting weather was coming and I’ll explain more in a future post.

Here’s a few photos I enjoyed taking. And not to worry, the bear didn’t get nearly close enough to sniff my boots.

This one is my favourite so I strategically placed it first.

That mouth seems a lot larger when it’s open.

Hunkered down ready to do some serious eating.

I must admit it was a bit humorous to see this powerful beast searching out dandelions to eat. Something just didn’t seem right about that. Where’s the meat?

On the prowl.

I like how the bear’s snout is all puckered up as it takes another bite.

It almost looks like the bear is trying to hide in the small trees that kept blocking my view.

Latest Comments

  1. lylekrahn says:

    Thanks for stopping by. The Rockies in Alberta and BC are a favourite haunt and I don’t think I’ll ever see enough.

    At the same time, you’ve certainly been to a lot of places we still plan to see.


  2. Janson Jones says:

    I’m thrilled to find your blog! I’ve now got my Canadian wildlife fix covered and set. Heh. I’ve gotta say, I haven’t been to your home territory, but I do adore B.C. and Alberta. Your romp makes me wish I’d seen more. Also: Hawaii? Envy. I haven’t been there.

    Bing! You’ve been added to the favorites list. Looking forward to what you report!


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