• I have a good case!

    I can’t remember another winter when I got stuck twice with my truck and fell through the ice while hiking. While these events all happened on photography outings, they didn’t help me get a single photo. I could argue that these strange incidents really weren’t my fault. It would be a spirited performance. A strong… Continue Reading

  • Around the next corner

    The view is nice, in fact it’s beautiful even in mid afternoon on a summer day. It’s typical northern Saskatchewan. Like most of the best views, there’s much more here than scenery. There is the sound of clear water trickling over smooth rocks and cheerful birds singing. There is a sense of peace permeating the… Continue Reading

  • Very wet falls

    It’s a bit ironic that I love sitting and watching water crashing over falls but I can’t seem to make a photo worthy of the experience. Repeated efforts over the years have only dampened my expectations. About six weeks ago, we were driving around cloud-covered mountains in my least favourite weather – pouring rain. The… Continue Reading

  • Rushing mountain water

    I can you still hear the powerful roar of the water, can you? These images bring back vivid memories of sitting, watching and listening in a beautiful place. Focusing on rushing water in a mountain setting has a profound affect on me. It drowns out all worry and releases me to real contentment. A happy state!… Continue Reading