Very wet falls

It’s a bit ironic that I love sitting and watching water crashing over falls but I can’t seem to make a photo worthy of the experience. Repeated efforts over the years have only dampened my expectations.

About six weeks ago, we were driving around cloud-covered mountains in my least favourite weather – pouring rain. The only saving grace was the combination of incessant rain and large spring runoff meant interestingly high levels of running water.

The Vermillion River normally has a greenish tinge but the water dramatically changed colour as it overflowed banks all along its path.

We stopped at Numa Falls in Kootney National Park after noticing the water was pouring over the banks. The falls were loud, spectacular and an unusual tan colour from the extra mud and debris picked up along the way. I needed a photo.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I really don’t like getting wet and quite frankly don’t understand people who do. I only ventured out after arming myself with waterproof boots, pants, jacket and hat. Moments later I was standing on the bridge over the falls with a wet camera on a tripod feeling rather damp despite my protective barriers.

There was water below, water spraying up, rain falling down and water pouring off my hat. I took my lens cap off for a few seconds to frame a shot and of course my lens got wet. Sheesh. The umbrella held by my wife only gave me a few extra seconds before droplets magically appeared again. Did I mention this was a lot more fun on a nice day?

My truck is parked in the top of the photo – you may need to click on it to see it. Sometimes captions don’t provide entirely useful information.

I took a few photos before surrendering to the elements and headed back to the dry truck. It turned out once again that I was not an all-weather photographer.

Later on I decide I like the photos taken that day and they were the most interesting falls I’ve taken. But the irony continues. The photos still didn’t convey the full experience of wet and miserable conditions.

I like the fact that the rain magically disappears in the photo. I made a strategic choice not to include the umbrella in the image.

Latest Comments

  1. lylekrahn says:

    Yes it did pay off – funny how that works. Your creeks just might be fun to shoot after the rain – I have to travel to get to one.


  2. Steve Schwartzman says:

    So it paid off: it’s good to see the energy that you caught in the raging water. I’ve wanted to do something similar with the creeks in my neighborhood, but so far I haven’t ventured out during or immediately after a heavy rain. Maybe one of these days….

    Steve Schwartzman


  3. Brian says:

    Very cool Lyle. Your photo’s amaze me.


  4. Helga says:

    Great pictures! Too bad we can`t hear the water rushing.


  5. vanbraman says:

    The second one is my favorite.


  6. Adeline Berg says:

    The colors are brilliant – blue rocks, green trees contrasting with the brown falls. Thanks again for sharing these.


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