Rushing mountain water

I can you still hear the powerful roar of the water, can you?

These images bring back vivid memories of sitting, watching and listening in a beautiful place. Focusing on rushing water in a mountain setting has a profound affect on me. It drowns out all worry and releases me to real contentment. A happy state!

The path to this little paradise starts with a sign in Yoho National Park indicating a natural bridge. It’s a nice view after a short walk on a concrete sidewalk, well used by men in dressy shoes. Still the guard rails and tourists exchanging places and photos take something away from the natural ambience. I want more.

A few hundred yards from the sidewalk, my wife and I are alone with the water, trees and rocks. My transformation to contentment is effortless without the distraction of people and their noise.

And yet it’s far from quiet. I free a log trapped at the water’s edge and throw it in the water creating a huge splash. My wife is just around a corner, only a few feet away, and hears nothing above the water’s roar. I make a mental note not to fall in. Not that she could do anything to combat a ripping current that would quickly take me to a very bad state. Maybe the force adds to the beauty.

After surveying and enjoying the scene, I pull out my camera gear and time stands still.

Today, I see the photos and they come alive with the sound of that mighty current driving the water over the rocks.

A nice view from a concrete sidewalk with people all around me. I decided not to include them in the shot.

Water lapping at my boots, water pouring over the rocks around me and not a person in sight. Natural.

Looking back from where I came, the rapids smoothed out to a quick current.

My favourite photo (strategically placed last). The water has carved beautiful patterns deep into the rocks over the years, before disappearing over the falls in the top right corner.

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