• Waiting for Krahnpix

    Being an introvert snowy owl is nice but it can get lonely. Day and night I’m out in the winter cold all by myself. We snowy owls tend not to hang out with each other for reasons that escape me now. But we’ve always done it this way so there’s no reason to change. Despite what… Continue Reading

  • Hope, sausage and making photos

    Hope, sausage and photos have a few things in common. You never know exactly how they are going to turn out and the process is a little messy and unpredictable. At least for me. Today I’d like to pull back the curtain and show how sausage … err one photo … came to be. It started with… Continue Reading

  • Pity the optimists

    I had big dreams of capturing amazing photos of a fox, lynx, owl and bugling elk. Why not? I was spending three days in a place where these wonderful creatures live and it was the right time of year for bugling elk! Even a realist can sometimes hope! The initial excitement eased a bit as the kilometres, hours… Continue Reading

  • Is that a natural-looking pole?

    Krahnpix is all about wildlife and nature photos so it makes sense that the scenes I photograph should also be wild and natural – right? It’s easy for me to avoid zoos, pets and stuffed animals. On the other hand when I see an elk deep in a pristine national park, all the wild boxes… Continue Reading

  • Stalking yellow trees … sort of

    OK stalking yellow trees isn’t hard during fall in Saskatchewan, in fact it’s incredibly easy. I just got this crazy idea that I wanted to get photos of Sandhill Cranes in front of some beautiful yellow leaves. You might think that stubble fields are yellow too, and often a gorgeous yellow, so what’s the problem?… Continue Reading

  • Sandhill Season

    Did you ever get the feeling that you may have been missing out on something? There is a special time of year on the prairies that is quickly becoming my favourite – sandhill season. It starts with the first sighting of Sandhill Cranes in summer and lasts until I can’t find them anymore in fall.… Continue Reading