• Recycled golf course

    I honestly wanted to like golf. I’d try it every decade or two but it just didn’t take. The whole thing seemed like a perfectly good waste of green space … until this past fall when I finally found a good use for a golf course. As the sun was setting I came upon an… Continue Reading

  • Do you care?

    I participated in a miracle. The scene was a beautiful, calm winter day in northern Saskatchewan. The sky was muted with heavy cloud cover that looked like it could release snow at any moment. We had the snow-packed gravel road to ourselves. Despite knowing better, I was there in the middle of the day – a less… Continue Reading

  • Honourary judges

    Calendar creators long ago did a little math and figured out the 12 provinces and territories  in Canada roughly aligned with the number of months in the year (until another territory was added in more recent times). They determined that if they found a nice photo from each area, they would have a marketable calendar… Continue Reading

  • Please don’t go …

    She was gorgeous! I saw her out of the corner of my eye and quickly stopped to take a second look and then another. Brown eyes, pursed lips, pleasingly plump – she had it all. Her hair was brown and wonderfully streaked with a perfect palette of colours. I could only image how long her… Continue Reading

  • The Fall Collection

    Fall changes everything. It is an annual prairie ritual as amazing as it is predictable. Every year it puts a smile on my face, a jump in my step and a reason to feel good. The colours are brighter, the air is crisper and the beauty richer. I look forward to the explosions of colour… Continue Reading

  • So what’s different?

    These hawk photos are different. Or are they? What’s the difference between an average photo and a good one. Uncommon views often provide uncommon beauty. Waiting for better light (patience alert), viewing the subject from a different perspective (sore knee alert) or deciding how much of the scene to show (cropping alert) are just a… Continue Reading