Missing something

We were on our way home after an eventful day of looking for wildlife. Despite lots of rain and fog, I’d managed to stay mostly dry (always a careful consideration). As we headed back to the cabin, the clouds opened up a bit enabling me to take one more photo.

I found the perfect spot – a well-travelled route framed by trees and mountains. After carefully composing my shot, I stood alone, quietly watching and waiting for something to come. When wildlife photography isn’t frustrating, it helps me learn a little patience.

After a few moments, I caught a glimpse of something moving and prepared to squeeze the shutter. My plan was unfolding as I had hoped … except it didn’t seem right.

There was something missing … a headlight! What were the odds? The one time I’m not waiting for wildlife, I still get surprised by what comes around the corner.

Initially, I was frustrated by the rogue, pirate car. Later I decided it added more character to an already moody shot.

Latest Comments

  1. Remember Always Photo says:

    Gorgeous capture!!! You do great work.


  2. hellboy2503 says:

    Wonderful light and photo


  3. vanbraman says:

    Sometimes our best shots are the unexpected ones. Like finding an insect that sneaks into a flower picture. Looking through your pictures with kids is sometimes cool as they will see things you don’t notice. See this old post of mine: http://bramanswanderings.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/butterfly-picture-surprise/


  4. My Perfect Weather says:

    Kind of eerie and beautiful at the same time. Very nice.


  5. photographybycalliec says:

    Post card beauty,wow how spectacular the country side is there.
    Cheers Callie


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