Evil eye

Canadian prairie skies are an intriguing canvas all on their own. But there’s more to our skies than fluffy clouds during the day and spectacular sunsets at dusk. This vast, beautiful canopy is home to a magnificent creature that effortlessly soars through its expanse.


I never tire of watching hawks glide through the air. There’s an air of authority that comes from being the supreme being in its element. As a carnivore, the constant flights are part of a seemingly endless mission to hunt, kill and eat. I can only imagine the panic when a hawk’s piercing cry reaches a prairie dog caught a little too far from refuge.

Those eyes on a swivel head didn’t miss anything including the guy taking photos.

The eyes of a hawk are a heat sinking weapon, constantly searching the ground for its unsuspecting prey. When a hawk stares me down, it feels mesmerizing, captivating and disdainful. I love the attitude.

I got a cursory glance in my direction as I walked around the truck to get a better angle. The hawk quickly resumed its search for prey.

Over the last week or so I have enjoyed the distant company of quite a few hawks. I was fortunate to get close enough to  three hawks to get these photos – hopefully there are many more this summer! For more hawk photos, check out the photo gallery “predators on the prowl” on my website – the link is at the top of the page.

The budding leaves, sharp-eyed scan and setting sun combined for a great memory. My first hawk and favourite photo so far this year. Click to enlarge.

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