• Nothing to change here …

    “It is the nature of a man as he grows older to protest against change, particularly change for the better.” John Steinbeck Apparently someone snuck in change as a virtue when I wasn’t looking. This isn’t altogether good news for me since there are a few things that I like to keep the same –… Continue Reading

  • Reflections

    This water has moods. I have been to this same spot many times. The water in front of me has attracted many creatures so I keep coming back. When I find myself alone, I occasionally make images of the beautiful scenes before me. The water is often dark and foreboding, reflecting what it sees. It… Continue Reading

  • Around the next corner

    The view is nice, in fact it’s beautiful even in mid afternoon on a summer day. It’s typical northern Saskatchewan. Like most of the best views, there’s much more here than scenery. There is the sound of clear water trickling over smooth rocks and cheerful birds singing. There is a sense of peace permeating the… Continue Reading

  • You saw what??

    I have always been a bit skeptical of constellations. A good star gazer can creatively connect a few random stars and boldly proclaim he has found some complex creature with an astronomy-sounding name. This is creative licence run amok! Now I’ll admit it is entirely possible that my bias comes from frustration. No matter how… Continue Reading

  • Looking for lunch

    When it comes to food, there are some striking similarities between wild creatures and male teenagers. Here’s my top three: They spend their waking hours looking for food … Good meat is in high demand … And every once in a while they get tricked into having vegetables … Where did this rather odd comparison… Continue Reading

  • You put what on your blog?

    Imagine my disappointment. Three hours of driving, a gorgeous national park teaming with interesting wildlife, a beautiful lake vista and the only living creatures in sight are … seagulls? Really? These birds top out at minus one on my interesting-things-to-photograph scale (yes I do have one). There must be something, anything else with a pulse in… Continue Reading